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Under  the  Energy  Efficiency  for  Clean  Development  Program  (EECDP),  USAID  has developed a collection of pilot project concepts that present opportunities to accelerate the  transition  to  low  emission  development  through  investments  in  energy  efficiency. 

The pilots focus on different cross-cutting activities and are designed to be tailored in partnership  with  the  USAID  missions  to  specific  locations,  goals,  and  needs.    The resulting training, case studies, and tools will be used to support repeated activity in new locations.  


Under  the  Central  Asian  Energy  Efficiency  Support  Program  (CAEESP),  USAID  aims  to  assist  in  reducing greenhouse  gas  (GHG)  intensity  and  emissions  by  stimulating  investment  in  energy  efficiency  (EE) technologies  and  projects.  Creation  of  a  Central  Asian  Energy  Efficiency  Learning  Portal  (CAEELP)  would provide  a  platform  for  the  dissemination  of  EE  best  practices  from  the  region,  and  would  include  an interactive education platform and EE equipment database to help establish a community of practice within the region. The proposed interactive informational resource will bring together suppliers and consumers of EE knowledge, equipment, technologies and best practices in the Central Asian region.

The  CAEELP  consists  of  several  parts  including  on-line  trainings,  a  database  on  EE  technologies  and equipment, relevant case studies, and legal and regulatory policies that are relevant to each of the countries in the region. The pilot’s target users will include Central Asian industrial and municipal sector consumers as well as local EE-related associations, NGO’s, universities, equipment suppliers and installers. The interactive platform will be designed to cover a wide range of issues to reduce the information gap between suppliers and end users of EE technologies and equipment.  The Portal will be in Russian and will be accessible to all countries in the region


·          Develop international-level EE knowledge, technologies and case studies database in Russian

·          Provide a powerful tool for communication and knowledge sharing for regional EE-related specialists

·          Support Central Asian countries in developing common standards and approaches for EE



Energy  efficiency  is  a  priority  area  for  the  economic  development  and quality of life in the Central Asian region. The efforts of the international community  to  address  this  problem  require  continuous  training  of  EE specialists in different sectors of the economy. The region contains a large population (over 64 million) and low population density. At present, the Russian  language  is  widely  used  in  Central  Asia,  which  provides  the opportunity and advisability of CAEELP to be developed in Russian for the widest possible use. 


An  internet-based,  on-line  platform  will  become  a  valuable  tool  for communication and knowledge-sharing for EE specialists and will help to identify  best  available  technologies.  The  equipment  database  will compare  primary  and  secondary  EE  characteristics,  like  capacity, efficiency,  reliability,  service  possibilities  and  others.  The  pilot  will approach target groups as a first step to identify relevant EE technologies and equipment content for the region. The equipment database and case studies  will  be  developed  in  the  first  phase.  The  second  phase  will  be focused  on  designing  and  delivering  a  webinar  series  with  the  official sponsorship  and  support  of  the  national  government  ministries  in cooperation with potential hosting partners.  Hosting partners will include regional  government  EE  departments,  engineering  or  technical universities, NGO's/ Associations and others. 


-  Develop Learning Portal prototype. Using local and international experts, the structure and basic data collection templates will be prepared and uploaded to the platform.

-  Engage stakeholders. Outreach to main local stakeholders will collect relevant EE information, formatted according to the requirements of the CAEELP platform.  Equipment suppliers will upload the data and case studies into the Learning Portal.

-  Finalize platform and develop training materials. In cooperation with potential on-line training hosting partners, the team will prepare materials that are relevant for each of the regions.

-  Design and conduct on-line webinar series. On-line training sessions will cover topics such as: policies and regulations related to EE; basic and advanced energy audits for municipal/residential and industry; implementation and compliance with the new Law on Energy Savings and EE in Kazakhstan; ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems implementation; and EE labeling.

-  Conduct follow-up assessments for focus sectors.  The platform will include a built-in mechanism for verification and evaluation of the testing and usage data to be collected.

-  Document the pilot. Record success, lessons learned, and regional-specific factors discovered during implementation to inform scale-up and replication in other USAID partner countries.


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